Thursday, February 21, 2013


Let's have an official complaint day! As parents of kids going through such tough times, we tend to keep up appearances 24/7 and never let anyone see the non-superhero in us all. Ella's Mom Terri had this idea and it's a great why-not-start-now kind of week.

Here's an opportunity to just complain it out! A day to be human, to say how we really feel about what our kids (grandkids, nieces/nephews, siblings, etc) are going through, whether neurofibromatosis, autism, chronic diseases, adhd, cancer, you name it and complain it! Smiley

Share with your blog and blog rolls....come here tomorrow (February 22) and comment to air out your dirty laundry list of "this is why I HATE..." or "what worries me most" or whatever you'd like (of course with some discretion to keep us from getting kicked off the internet lol) without guilt. At the end of the day, we'll have a ceremonial post that releases those complaints and hopefully everyone will feel a little lighter to enter into the weekend and then a new week.

--Aunt Linda


  1. Ok I woke up today in such a great, positive mood... So this is hard. I wanted to rant about how unfair it is that little Ella is most likely never going to be able to drive, that means never getting to feel the anticipation of getting a license or the excitement of getting her first car! She also has a 50% chance of passing on NF to her children if she even decides to. Every mom wants the best for their child with a unlimited future. I know it seems petty cause we do have it so good and our life could have many other challenges but it just bums me out that she will FOREVER have complications caused by NF. Unless she finds a cure!!!

  2. I always feel guilty complaining about anything involving any of the kids...but it's healthy, right??? The blog says it's okay, so it must be okay. All of this SUCKS. That thought of "this will never go away" is one of those thoughts that I know sometimes I have to squeeze my eyes shut to force it OUT of my head, because if it stays there long enough it will consume and overwhelm me. Youngest has autism; not even close to the devastation of all going on with Ella and so many other children, but definitely it is here to stay thing. As he gets older I see how much if affects him and how different things will probably be for him. The one thing that hits me most lately is what you said--driving! I don't know if he'll drive alone, ever. There, I spoke a complaint and only feel a little guilty. ;)