Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ella's Cooking Show!

Mama Terri has been hard at work revamping the family's eating style. While her initial motivation was to incorporate as much tumor stomping super foods as possible, it has since become an overall change towards healthy lifestyle living for everyone. (personally, I think she has always been a healthy food cooking/serving pro, and not just cause I'm her partial Aunt lol).

It was an adjustment for the girls and especially for Ella. While she is obviously still very young at 7, she is old enough to NOT LIKE THAT stuff! Terri didn't cave and has just kept on with changing their diet, and I think this little video shows it is rubbing off on Ella! She's interested in the way Terri is now preparing foods and decided she wanted to have a cooking show!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Hope for Ella T-Shirts are here!!

Here are the new T-Shirts!  The colors are striking against the dark grey background!!

The little details on the crown are fantastic-notice the "E" at the top with butterflies as jewels :)

Sarah-Grace & Emily are show their
HopeforElla Power!

Ella and Claire are cutie-pies posing in their shirts!


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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hope for Ella Rubber Bracelets!!

Buy your Hope for Ella Rubber Bracelets and raise awareness of NF and spread the word about Hope for Ella all the time, easily! Remember, when people ask you what is Hope for Ella, you can tell them to search for this blog on Google, or tell them HopeforElla is on Facebook!

Each bracelet is hot pink with bright green lettering, and is $2.00/bracelet, $2.50/bracelet if shipped. Thank you!!
Enjoy wearing your bracelets, we hope you smile each time you look at them as we do :)

Order by sending a check with a note for how many you'd like to
Hope for Ella
PO Box 71
Williamstown, NJ 08094

OR, by choosing your options from the drop-down menu & clicking the button below! :)

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